project grey

"Project Grey is inspired by a painting by Paul Delaroche. The Execution of Lady Grey, in the London National Gallery. The subject, therefore, will be the death penalty.."

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passages project


"Passages, projects for an image, was proposed by Manuela Corti to 23 international artists. From November 17, 1997 until April 20, 1998, every Monday, for 23 weeks, we showed four different pages by four artists from different Countries, who graphically interpreted the same paragraph from an Italian novel ANTROPOECCENTRICO by Gianni Actis Barone and translated it into their own language or dialect."

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artifact project


"6 different base subjects went from Germany via Internet over 6 meridians and 30 countries around the world.Modifications of the respectively previous subject were made in each country, in order to return to its starting point as the first interactive collage of digital, visual communication of the world after around half a year."

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