BJ cropmarks 1.1.3
freehand xtra (mac and win)

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This Xtra creates cropmarks around bounding box of selected object (or multiple objects) and allows you to define length, width and offset of cropmarks in a dialog box.

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NEW! Download Macintosh Carbon version
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More information in "readme.txt" file.

Download Macintosh Classic version for free!
More information in "readme.txt" file.

Download Windows version for free!
More information in "readme.txt" file.

Read "readme.txt" file included in archive for more information about installation and use.

What's new in 1.1.3?

  • crop marks fill is set to none
  • input checking is removed because it caused some major problems to users who don't use point as decimal symbol
  • repeat last command actually repeats cropmarks with last settings without displaying dialog box

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20. oktober 2002

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