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Thanks for a great help. p.s. Your website looks very good, too!

15.01.2003, 01:06

:)happy new year! thanks for your great effort on it! God bless you!

SMTP from <>
27.12.2002, 03:08

I still love this tool!!!!

Amauri DaRocha from <>
24.12.2002, 02:42

great tool, thanks!

robert weinberg
04.12.2002, 12:10

so useful products you provide!! i benefit a lot from you!!!

cat_999 from <>
24.11.2002, 13:26

Very cool and timely. I find myself doing a lot of print work and this is extremly helpful

21.11.2002, 19:55

Great stuff! These kind of extras make FH really top notch!

10.11.2002, 22:43

oh so little but OH so useful

25.10.2002, 21:04

I've just downloaded it...

Massimo from <>
25.10.2002, 11:33

Thanks for the freebie Xtra - always nice to meet a fellow FH user. Cheers!

Max MacDonald from <>
24.10.2002, 16:27

My god, you rock! I know the Crop Marks extra is a little thing - but man does it make my life easier! If you ever decide to start charging this let me know - I figure I owe you. Thanks again.

Mark King
24.10.2002, 06:32


GABELLI from <>
23.10.2002, 14:22

You and your plug-in rock!

Louis Ng
22.10.2002, 02:30

thanks, bj. defenitely a THE tool ! and thanks to ian for informing the FH list ;)

22.10.2002, 01:29

Wonderful tool!! But it seems to be a problem using it with OSX (10.2) Jaguar But you can fix that!! Kriss

Kristjan from <>
17.10.2002, 14:41

BJ Cropmarks is wonderful. a indispensable tool for freehand

Dimitre from <>
03.10.2002, 19:41

I love BJ Cropmrks! Thanks...

C. Knighton
20.09.2002, 19:16


28.08.2002, 19:28

Been looking for this for awhile after getting Freehand 10, tks,

21.08.2002, 06:46

Brian Pylant from discmakers said it best. Boris, you do indeed rock!

Greg Bell from <>
03.08.2002, 13:27

Great tool... but can't run with FH10 on MacOS X!!! :-(

Fabio Poli from <>
23.07.2002, 15:34

I've needed this for years!

Sam Blumer from <>
16.07.2002, 14:39

Does BJ Cropmarks 1.1.3 works in freehand 10 ??? many thanks... bruno from portugal...

bruno from <>
12.07.2002, 01:09

Thank you very much !

04.07.2002, 21:43

Thanks for the cool tool! Was glad to find that it's now available for Windows as well as Mac. Thanks again. Bill

Bill Schuhle
04.06.2002, 19:43

As "they" say... "dis tool is da bomb!"

Greg Bell from <>
27.05.2002, 08:02

since FreeHand 10 won't let me use my old Illustrator crop marks plug in, I have been tearing what's left of my hair out! thanks Dude

03.05.2002, 11:51

hi, been using freehand for about 5 years now, and for 5 years I have been zooming in, dragging, redragging, subdragging, overdragging, underdragging and zomming out of guides. As of my discovery of your plug today, I asked myself how many mouseclicks could have been replaced by cropmarks all those years. That would be an infinite amount, so thank you!

20.03.2002, 10:48

Thanks your contribution!

Hon SO
03.12.2001, 06:52

Great software. Thank you!

Bzicky from <>
10.11.2001, 13:20

I've heard great things, can't wait to try!

Shawn Ward
09.11.2001, 18:13

The simplest things are the best. And your xtra is the most simply useful thing I've found in a long time! Thanks!

Mark King
26.10.2001, 01:16

thanks for that useful tool. working with freehand for more than 12 years i ask myself why macromedia didn't create a tool likes yours. compliments

olaf auser from <>
23.10.2001, 11:00

it saves me about an hour a week ......yet more time for biking

Julian Baker
21.10.2001, 10:35


Bill Otersen from <>
19.10.2001, 15:41

This plugin has helped me a lot! Thanxxxxx Biggi

Birgir Ingimarsson
05.10.2001, 18:18

I set jobs up all the time with the credulous task of placing crop hopefully this will save me some time. Thanks!

03.10.2001, 21:07

Odlican X-Tra Tool! Svaka cast... Samo tako nastavi!!! HVALA!

Kresimir Bikic
01.10.2001, 09:45

nice utility...thanks!

28.08.2001, 20:01

bj crop marks RULES. thanks for making my life that much easier... btw, i found your excellent utility through the site.

frank o from <>
17.07.2001, 19:12

Fantastic! Works like a dream! Great time saver! I think Illustrator has had this feature for sometime and I have been jealous. Thanks

aaron from <>
22.02.2001, 08:10

Super-duper-cool. i like it, i need it, i use it. and it saves me time and nerves!!!! thanx-a-lot! Doc Emmett Thunderf

Danny Busch from <>
07.02.2001, 11:23

Good and useful xtra! Thank you!

S. Y. Lo
09.12.2000, 18:20

You've made my Freehand life a lot easier. It's a great tool that everyone should use. Thanks!

Ryan Hutchinson
02.11.2000, 21:22

Why didn't someone think of this earlier? Great job!

03.10.2000, 18:52

It?s a verry effective tool! Thanks!

uwe Christoffer from <>
06.09.2000, 20:00

trying out

Chua Kok Hai from <->
20.08.2000, 20:40

Top tool. A definate "must have".

Fergus Bremner from <>
15.08.2000, 01:07

Please, please, please make some more Xtras so I don't have to cave in and buy Illustrator and Vector Effects, Panopticum Array and all it's assorted third-party plug-ins. Thank you for this one, but don't stop here.

Alex Spencer from <>
29.06.2000, 10:03

nice xtra!!

Terrance Dolan
25.05.2000, 20:21

Thank!Great tool.I love it.

18.03.2000, 02:33

Wow! Thank you! I've been waiting for this tool for many years... Always used an old Illustrator 5 plug-in to create (bad) cropmarks... can finally delete it! Th

errore excepto
08.03.2000, 21:28

Thank you. it is all taht i can say to you for you perfect Xtras

Ali Shams
22.02.2000, 15:17

Thanks! I love it!

Matteo Bologna
13.02.2000, 22:23

Going to give it a whril

George W. Stafford
02.12.1999, 23:25

Damned useful, that's what it is!Thank you boris!!!

Jonathan Kong
28.11.1999, 14:23

Damned useful, that's what it is!Than you boris!!!

Jonathan Kong
28.11.1999, 14:23

this is great, you've made our lives easier :)

25.11.1999, 18:05

Thank You. I'm looking foward to using this.

Woody Markland from <>
29.09.1999, 00:39

Nifty! Do you think you could add the option of making a bounding box and of having centered registration marks? In my field (flexography) these would be wonde

William Adams from <>
15.09.1999, 19:05

Thanks for a great tool!

Sandy Cerovich from <>
30.08.1999, 08:20

Hi! Nice work with BJ Cropmarks! I?ll try it and come back soon for comments!

Torbjorn Lagerwall from <>
23.08.1999, 08:41

Thank you, can't wait to give this a try!

16.07.1999, 19:52

Great work! This is an Xtra I will find very useful. It looks like a great deal of thought and care went into the design. Thank you Boris for making this excellent contribution to the FreeHand community, and double thanks for offering it so generously as Freeware!

Tony Roame from <>
08.07.1999, 07:44

yessss!! finally i can make crop marks w/o having to buy a postscript printer. thank you thank you thank you.

hoang dinh from <>
02.07.1999, 00:29


carl meinzinger
28.06.1999, 04:03

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I use Freehand for Windows and geI am sick of the Mac users getting all of the cool stuff. Thanks Boris

Andy Matthews from <>
30.05.1999, 00:53

lepi page.. skoda da ni vec slicic

lame from <>
04.05.1999, 12:49

Zdaj pa sem ze tecen. Kot pravijo v tretje gre rado.

Pero from <>
24.04.1999, 12:56

Pri komentarjih za tvoj program sem napisal napacni naslov mojih skromnih strani. Se nekaj; od starsev sem dobil za diplomo digitalno video kamero. Potrebujem le se kabel, s katerim lahko slike prenasas na PC. Tega nameravam kupiti v kratkem. Ce imas kake predloge za olepsanje moje strani in seveda, ce utegnes, mi povej. Pero

Peter Horvat from <\Peter_Horvat>
24.04.1999, 12:52

Vidim, da si pravi majster. V cast mi je, da sva prezivela skupaj skoraj sedem mesecev. Kje lahko uporabljas to orodje? (program). Lepo pozdravljen!

Peter Horvat from <\Peter_Horvat>
24.04.1999, 12:46

It works great. Now I can?t live without it...

Peppe from <>
20.03.1999, 11:27

I found your web site through the FreeHand Source site. I've been looking for a crop marks extra for Windows for a long time. It works great. Thanks. Paul

Paul Porter
19.03.1999, 21:46

We should alert Extensis and MetaCreations that there is one out there who knows his Xtras stuff for Windows: our good friend Boris

Bernd Matzner from <>
19.03.1999, 16:27

Thank you. Tops!

Glynn Cadby from <>
19.03.1999, 04:51


Simon Fairweather
18.03.1999, 10:56

A truly useful tool that both Mac and Windows users will benefit from. Thanks!

Ian Kelleigh from <>
17.03.1999, 17:11

You saved my butt! Thank you!

John Martineck from <www.infraspection>
17.03.1999, 17:08

Thanks Boris! Great tool!

J. Lenz from <>
17.03.1999, 14:45

At last! A cropmark facility! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Graeme Babbs from <>
17.03.1999, 10:27

thanks! i'll try it out and give you a feedback! bye!

kirby lorenzo
17.03.1999, 04:10

This is without a doubt one of the most productive, useful Xtras I've seen for FreeHand (Windows), and the best part of it all is that it's FREE!. Boris, you rock!

Brian Pylant from <>
17.03.1999, 00:24

Great tool... THANKS!

gary Spencer
16.03.1999, 22:43

Donations appreciated.

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