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I want to impose my artwork for a printer on bigger page. Artwork is bigger than page size and will be cropped.

In this tour I'll try to show you all the features of this xtra on a practical example.

I just created a label of really small size that I want to arrange on a bigger page. I want control of distance between elements, crop marks around every element and registration marks on the edges of final page. Technical stuff, time consuming, but not impossible to do it manually.

Here is a simpler solution.

Let's run place Xtra now. A big dialog box should appear. We'll concentrate on the top of this dialog box now and try top set the Source combo box.

I want the crop marks at the edges of page and not at the edges of image (which is bigger than page) so I'll select Current page.

Now select the Destination.This Xtra will always create a new page but it can help you calculate some parameters.

If you select "New page (auto)" the page size will be automatically calculated. On the other hand, if you select "New page (set size)" and set page size it can calculate how many elements can be placed on a page of this size. I will select "New page (auto)".

Donations appreciated.

Still interested?


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