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Now I will set number of the elements I want. In this case I choose to have 2 columns and 2 rows of my labels. The distance between elements will be the same on the both axis, I'll use 10 (I'm using milimeters in my document so this is 10 mm). I don't want elements to be rotated for 90 degrees, so "Rotate source" is not checked.

In Page settings I can't do much: width and height of new page are automatically calculated since I select this option in "Destination" combo box. Only thing left is setting page bleed. I'll use 10 mm again and check "Bleed on page" option. This means that marks that are usually located on bleed will be located on a page which size will be accordingly increased.

Let's set crop marks now. I want them everywhere it's possible so I checked both options and set values I need. Is there anything else to explain?

The only thing left are these few settings. I want registration marks and calibration bars around my final page. Because I chose "custom marks" everything have to be created on a new layer in my document. "Use custom marks" also means that I will use custom registration marks and calibration bars that are located in separate Freehand files on my disk. These files can be opened in Freehand and changed as I wish.

Donations appreciated.

I press OK and this happens ...

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