find and replace utility (windows only)

Create your own fully customizable set of replacements and use it on multiple text files.

ZAM! is a used for replacing characters or words in multiple text files (.txt, .html). You can create your own set of replacements and save it in file and then use it again and again. It allows you to select a default set, the one you use most of the time but you can still select another set when you need it.

You can convert text files on various ways: drag file(s) on programs main window or icon, select files from File menu or convert text on clipboard.

But don't forget: select replacement set first, then select files you want to convert and don't use it on any word processor files (like Word's .doc), it will probablly create a mess!

You can download ZAM (for Windows 95/NT) for free!

Unzip it in any directory on your hard disk but be sure to unzip it's subdirectories too. Then open files in Sets folder in plain text editor (like Notepad) to see how to create your own sets.

ZAM homepage (and help files) are currently available only in Slovenian. Sorry.

You use this software at your own risk without any guarantee.

Comments, suggestions? Email them to me!

zam (slovenska stran)

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